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    Waist Pain Relief Herbal Tea

    2g x 20teabags x 1box

    NO: 021

    This herbal tea is a combination of several powerful natural anti-inflammatory compounds. The novel formulation containing high quality extracts

    of the Boswellia serrata leaves and turmeric which is recommended for reducing pain and swelling in the joints and muscles. It is ideal for people

    suffering from arthritis. In addition to the anti-inflammatory constituents of the herbal extracts, they are also noted for their antioxidant activity.

    By inhibiting activities of pro-inflammatory enzymes and neutralizing reactive oxygen species, the Boswellia and Curcumin combination benefits

    people suffering from any form of arthritis or joint pain.

    The Boswellia and Curcumin supplement is a safe and side effect free natural product. Prepared with pure herbal extracts, this high quality supplement

    is manufactured according to the good manufacturing practices guidelines under hygienic conditions. The ingredients are combined in dosages to provide

    maximum benefit without causing any adverse reaction. This is a fully herbal product, safe for long-term use.

    More Benefits:

    *Help with acute and chronic waist injury, lumbar muscle strain

    *Helps in reducing joint pain and inflammation

    *Helps in decreasing joint stiffness

    *Helps in improving joint movement

    *Supports joint health