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    2g x 25teabags x 1box


    The health benefits of green tea are varied and wide-ranging. Because its chemical makeup gives positive affects to so many different bodily systems, it makes sense to use green tea to achieve those health benefits: antioxidant, cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, blood pressure reduction, antibacterial and antiviral activity, reduction of blood sugar,.

    Green tea, with its all-important chemical compounds, has also shown many other benefits and potential uses. 
    •Preventing and hastening recovery from colds and flu. 
    •Preventing bad breath (halitosis). 
    •Aiding with the prevention and relief of type-two diabetes. 
    •Blocking key receptors in producing allergic reactions. 
    •Aiding Parkinson's disease sufferers. 
    •Slowing the HIV infection process. 
    •Maintains healthy fluid balance 
    •Relieves fatigue and stress. 
    •Boosting the immune function of skin cells. 
    •Relieving and preventing arthritis. 
    •Reducing the risk of stroke. 
    •Preventing osteoporosis. 
    •Reducing DNA damage in smokers. 
    •Delaying the signs of ageing. 
    •Improving bone structure. 
    •Preventing dangerous blood-clotting. 
    •Calorie burning - green tea is increasingly being used as part of a healthy diet, as it can play a role in controlling body weight and composition via the activation of thermo genesis, fat oxidation, or both. It works by increasing energy expenditure, and has thermogenic properties which promote fat burning.